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What is FAST System

  • 1.   12keys based input apparatus for Arabic, Farsi, and Urdu language
           - Compatible with ITU 12keys layout (extendable)
           - Well optimized in small devices
  • 2.   Accurate typing
           - Large keypad buttons: 3 times bigger sized buttons than conventional QWERTY system
  • 3.   High speed typing
           - Typing with two thumbs
           - Patented automata rule
  • 4.   Steep learning curve
           - Very easy to learn with a few minutes of tutorial session
           - 2x~3x faster than conventional QWERTY with just a little exercise
           - Patented keypad layout
  • 5.   Applied consistent tab only typing
  • 6.   Changeable layout depending on screen tilt, vertical or horizontal (3 X 4, 4 X 4, 8 X 4)


  • Typing test comparison FAST System vs
    QWERTY system

  • What is benefit
    for FAST System

  • How to type Arabic on
    FAST System

  • Endorsements


  • Donwoo Cho


  • Ashraf Gharsan

    Advisor / Arabic

  • Dr. Euigap Hwang

    Advisor / Arabic

We are a team of experts who enable the best typing experience and provide the best typing
solutions for Arabic, Farsi, and Urdu languages in the mobile environment through our patented revolutionary technology.


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